Shopee charge seller commission fees

From June 1 year 2021, Malaysia Shopee online shopping platform will be conditional on the seller to charge a commission! 

Shoppers recently notified non-mall sellers through the system. It was pointed out that from 1 June this year, sellers with more than 100 orders will be charged an additional commission of 1% to 2%. 

Of these, priority sellers and priority sellers will be charged 2 per cent: non-preferred sellers will be charged 1 per cent. However, after a 6% sales tax increase, the commission is calculated at 1.06% and 2.12% 

In addition, to encourage more novice sellers to start their own businesses, stores that complete fewer than 100 orders will not charge a fee. 

Until then, Shopee Mall sellers have started paying commissions of 3 to 5 per cent: 5 to 6 per cent for overseas sellers. 

In any case, Shopee is committed to optimizing the services of its online shopping platform after receiving commissions, while helping to grow the seller's business, increase the sales performance and visibility of qualified non-mall sellers, and will be available from June to September this year. Monthly benefits. 

Among them, non-preferred sellers receive store coupons worth RM75 and ad balances worth RM75. Preferred Sellers and Preferred Sellers receive monthly store coupons worth RM200 and RM200 ad balances. 

Shoppers will be charged a commission to non-mall sellers from June 1 

Seller's classified commission (%) (including 6% sales tax) 

Preferred and Preferred - Seller-2.12 

Non-Preferred Seller -1.06 

Sellers who complete orders less than 100-0 

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